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AME (Aircraft maintenance engineering) Program at IAME (Institute of Aircraft maintenance Engineering) is now CAR-147 (BASIC) compliant. Under this programme institute is approved by DGCA Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of India for AME license category B1.1 which covers heavy aircraft and turbine engine to be know as Mechanical stream and category B2 which covers aircraft electrical instrumentation and aircraft communication and navigation system to be know as Avionics stream.

For issue of B1.1 and B2 AME license one has to gain four years of Aircraft maintenance experience in DGCA CAR-145 Approved AMO (Aircraft Maintenance Organization) and CAR-147 (BASIC) Maintenance Training Organization. In addition to the maintenance experience, an individual has to pass 11 module for AME license B1.1 covering heavy turbine powered aircraft and 10 module for B2 AME license covering avionics stream conducted by DGCA.

Approved Academic Programme Under CAR-147 (BASIC)

The academic programme is divided into four semesters covering 2400 hours of theoretical and practical training in 2 years duration for both B1 and B2 stream. Out of 2400 hours of training, 1440 hours will be devoted in classroom teaching and 960 hours will be devoted in of Practical training. Out of 960 hours of practical training, 30% practical training i.e; 288 hours will be conducted with AMO (Aircraft Maintenance Organization). For this, IAME has entered into long term legal contract with AIR INDIA, New Delhi for all practical training required to be imparted on flying aircraft under CAR-147 (BASIC) programme.

AME (Aviation Engineering) with BBA (Aviation)

AME Aviation Engineering with BBA Aviation Management jobs are available in airline companies. A wide range of career options in as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with including Management field. Engineering skills can maintain Aircraft and issues the fitness certificate for safe flight & managerial knowledge can manage airport safety, ground staff, cargo etc.

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