Fee Structure

The Fee structure is as follows:

  • Registration Fee Rs. 600/- Once, at the time of Admission
  • Prospectus Rs. 500/- Once, at the time of Admission
  • Caution Money Rs. 3000/- (Refundable at the end of course completion)

Installment Chart for 3 Yrs A.M.E. + B.Sc. Dual Programme

  • Sr.No. Description 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
    1st Sem. 2nd Sem. 3rd Sem. 4th Sem. 5th Sem. 6th Sem.
    1. Admission Fee 30,000/- X X X X X
    2. Tution Fee 75,000/- 75,000/- 75,000/- 75,000/- X X
    3. Library Fee 15,000/- X X X X X
    4. Tools/ Workshop Fee 7500/- X X X X X
    5. B.Sc Fee (Re Registration Fee) X X X X 1500/- 1500/-
    6. Total Fee
    AME+B.Sc. Payable Per Sem.
    Rs. 1,27,500/- Rs. 75,000/- Rs. 75,000/- Rs. 75,000/- Rs. 1500/- Rs. 1500/-
  • Air India Delhi/ HAL Kanpur (MRO+Aircraft+Manufacturing Unit) Training Fee Rs.140,000/- Extra
  • The Total Course Fee of 3 years AME+B.Sc. + Ait India/ HAL Training Fee Rs. 4,95,500/- only

Please note -

  • Fees for Hostel, Dining, Uniform, shoe and others such as exam fees are not included in above mentioned Fee.
  • 5% Concession in Tution fee of One Candidate, if two candidates who are real brother/brother-sister and taking admission.